Outbound SDR

We Will Help you Scale your Business with Outbound SDR Services

Outsourced SDR is the future of outbound sales!

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to achieve top-of-the-sales funnel growth? If so, count on our outbound SDR services. Our team will help you generate and qualify new leads. RemoteReps247, as your trustworthy Outsourcing SDR Company, will take over your business’s top-of-the-funnel sales responsibilities and help you with outbound outreach and qualifying inbound leads.

As a People as a Service company, we will help you overcome the challenges faced in closing the deal with B2B buyers and accelerate the sales revenue.

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With Our Outbound SDR Service you can Overcome the Key Challenges

You Get Ample Free time: SDRs are responsible for sourcing 45 % of a company’s revenue. And for doing so, the firm has two options: hire an SDR or outsource a sales team. To get rid of the time taken in hiring and training and SDR, it’s better to outsource them.

Generate New Leads: We will help you to find sales leads and generate qualified appointments.

Grow your Sales Pipeline: Our process, people, and platform model will provide you with a steady stream of qualified appointments you can build your business around.

Reach out to People with Multiple Channels: Our team will help you to reach the target audience through multiple outbound sales channels, i.e., phone, email, live chat, social networks, and more.

Nurture Renewal Prospects:  You don’t have the skilled staff that can make multiple attempts to nurture your renewal prospects. Our outbound SDRs will help you to convert your leads and ensure they stay loyal to your company.

Enter New Markets: Our research-driven approach will help you to target new buyers and markets effectively.

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Why Should You Count on RemoteReps247 for Outbound SDR Service?

Get RID of Employee Training Cost and Reduce Churn Rate

High training costs and increased churn rate make salespeople’s jobs challenging. With our outbound SDR service you will get freedom from the time required to build an in-house team without sacrificing investments in research, development and customer satisfaction.

Reduce Sales Cycle

Our experienced SDRs are trained in the most advanced sales strategies and are equipped with the latest marketing tools and technology.  We will help you with lead generation and customer acquisition and make adjustments to build tailor-fit procedures that give a USP in the market.

Work with More Efficient Sales Team

Did you know out of eight hours, a salesperson spends over five hours researching prospects, creating emails, setting appointments and maintaining data? What if we say we will do these top-funnel tasks for you while you focus on what matters the most-i.e. selling.

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

If you are looking for ways to reduce customer acquisition costs, our team is ready to help you out. Our team’s expertise and skills help reduce your labor costs while reducing overhead costs associated with campaign research.


How Does RemoteReps247 Do It?

Here is an overview of our outbound SDR service: 

Step 1: We will invest the right resources in the right and revenue-generating outbound SDR activities.

Step 2: We will quickly reply to queries to streamline the appointment setting process.

Step 3: Optimize the activities that will give the best results.