Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy

At VSYNC PAAS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (RemoteReps247), we truly believe in enabling businesses to unlock success through data-driven insights and our exceptional sales research services. We value our customers and understand the immense responsibility that comes with committing to grow your business. Our refund policy mirrors our commitment to uphold the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

To ensure transparent and fair practices, we’ve constructed the following refund policy terms:

Subscription Cancellations & Refund Requests

  1. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may require you to cancel your service subscription. If cancellation occurs within the first three business days of purchase, a full refund will be issued. Cancellation inquiries should be directed to our support team at or via our contact number 646-798-1400
  2. Beyond the first three (3) business days, cancellations will not result in refunds. This is because we reserve resources and dedicated teams to translate your simple sales data into engaging, meaningful insights that supercharge your business growth trajectory.
  3. Refunds, once approved, will be processed and credited using the original payment method. The process may take 10-15 business days as it involves coordination with multiple financial entities, but rest assured, we will keep you informed at every step.

Exceptions to our Refund Policy

Refunds are typically exclusive to certain scenarios:

  1. Partial Use: Refunds will not be provided if our services have been used, even if partially. Delivering data-driven insights involves expert analysis, market research and sector-specific knowledge, making each service crucial to your success.
  2. Customized or Special Projects: Given the individualized nature of these projects, refunds will not be granted unless specific agreements had been made in writing prior to project inception. This helps us ensure that we can recoup some of the extensive time, resources, and specialized work that goes into these bespoke services.
  3. Unmet Expectations: In situations where you believe our service commitments are not met, we will initiate an exhaustive investigation. Initiatives for correction will be prioritized over refunds, aimed at delivering the high level of service you signed up for.


Refund Policy Updates

VSYNC PAAS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (RemoteReps247) upholds the right to modify this refund policy without prior notification. All modifications will be binding as soon as they’re published on our official website.

For any queries or additional information on our refund policy, we welcome you to contact us at or call our helpline at 1-646-798-1400. At RemoteReps247, we’re here to facilitate your journey to actionable business insights and overarching success.