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Build Target Audience from Scratch with Our Sales Research

Uncover hard-to-find contact details and data points

RemoteReps247 will help you build a predictable pipeline engine to improve sales. We will provide you with the most accurate data that match your customer profile and buyer persona. Our team uses AI and machine learning tools to collect, analyze, categorize, clean, and enrich data for your CRM to boost sales.

We have helped thousands of clients with our sales research services. Whatever help you need in your lead list journey, we will provide you with tailored services to meet your needs.

How We Conduct the Sales Research?

Once you hire our team, you get a bespoke solution to manage your sales process. With us, you will get a fully functioning B2B CRM solution, an automated and organized workflow and a clean database. We will provide you insights on:

Demographic Data

We use direct dial phone, validated emails, and confirmed employment/roles in gathering demographic data. Here is what is included in our data: 

1. Intent: topic, product launch, hiring activity, trends, job posts, new office locations, inventories, competitive mention.

Firmographic Data

We conduct a comprehensive study on total addressable markets and trigger event signals. Here is what is included in our data:

2. SaaS: shopping cart, payment processor, trends in hiring, growth trends, cloud technologies used.



Technographic Data: Data on web tech stack and technology installed on-site


Psychographic Data: Conduct a search on social media, professional interest, career trajectory, and irrelevant behaviors.


Account-Based Research

To properly execute account-based marketing, we will break the target audience into a well-defined organizational structure. You will get data in charts, geographical divisions, and lines of reporting.

Insights that Guide Actions

Our team will provide insights on all data points; we will help you in the re-activation, prioritization, and maximization of data assets.



Why Do Clients Choose Us for Sales Data Research? 

1. Get Sales Development Teams

The qualified sales development team at RemoteReps247, the leading B2B Focused Marketing Agency will provide you with a complete solution to manage your sales technologies.

2. CRM Migration- Enrichment

Provide ongoing enrichment within CRM or database

3. List Building

Build, enrich, and evaluate tailor-made lists to fit your ideal customer profile and buyer personas perfectly.

4. Audience Expansion

We will help you expand your audience by tracking keywords and the social media engagement of competitors in your market.

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