Terms and condition

Terms and Conditions Policy for RemoteReps247, a DBA of VSYNC PAAS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED


Embark on a transformative journey with RemoteReps247, a strategic division of VSYNC PAAS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED located at Ground Floor, Plot No. 77, Tusker Workspace Private Limited, 6th Cross Rd, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066. In harnessing our B2B lead generation prowess, we architect your pathway for exponential growth. Engaging with us means agreeing to uphold our terms, sculpting a potent paradigm for a winning alliance.

1. Automatic Acceptance of Terms

By choosing to employ our services or browse through our immersive website, the Client automatically consents to these terms and our website usage policy. This documents our binding, strategic partnership between VSYNC PAAS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (Specialized RemoteReps247 division) and the Client, together steering towards untapped productivity and growth zones.

2. Service Agreements & Provisions

Our wide-ranged services are to be used within the legal framework and in stride with the broader vision encapsulated herein. Our offerings bridge sales pipeline gaps and fuel innovative business growth, driven by data insights and tech-enabled solutions.

3. Investment Commitment: No-Refund Policy

Our unwavering commitment to operational excellence is evident through our no-refund policy. We believe that resources and expertise pooled into RemoteReps247 craft an investment in transformative growth; payments are hence final and non-refundable.

4. Insulation Clause: Limitation of Liability

RemoteReps247, its parent entity VSYNC PAAS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, and all affiliated visionaries are indemnified against any potential damages arising from service usage. Our offerings are designed to fortify the underpinnings of a smooth, reassuring business expansion journey.

5. Asset Protection: Intellectual Property Clause

All resources and proprietary information shared by RemoteReps247 remain within the intellectual precincts of VSYNC PAAS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED. The mutual respect for creative efforts and resources strengthens our shared vision and contributes to mutual growth.

6. Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction Clause

This strategic relationship is bound by the robust legal structures of India. While we prefer resolving any variances through proactive communication, unresolved issues will see exclusive jurisdiction in the courts of India.

7. Evolutionary Adaptability: Amendment Clause

Staying attuned to the dynamic sales and marketing landscape, RemoteReps247 reserves the right to revise these terms, intending to embody our commitment to innovative readiness.

8. Confidentiality and Respect: Confidentiality Clause

Respecting the sanctity of proprietary information, we uphold the highest standards of confidentiality. All strategic, personal, or sensitive data shared during our partnership is securely housed and exclusively purposed towards shared growth objectives.

9. Safeguarding Integrity: Termination Clause

To maintain the sincerity of our joint efforts, RemoteReps247 reserves the right to suspend or terminate services in case of a contract breach. This mechanism reinforces the integrity of our combined journey.

10. Contingency Route: Force Majeure Clause

RemoteReps247 is immunized against service disruptions stemming from uncontrollable events such as natural disasters or official mandates. This ensures the resilience of our partnership against unforeseen or unavoidable eventualities.

11. Solidifying Agreement: Acknowledgment

By employing our services or visiting our website, you acknowledge these meticulously crafted terms, consequently embarking on a transformative partnership with us. Together, RemoteReps247 and the Client traverse territories of amplified success and mutual growth.

This enhanced policy signifies more than a legal document—it outlines a commitment by RemoteReps247, a division of VSYNC PAAS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, to support and empower businesses in building prosperous, high-ROI sales architectures. The journey to unprecedented growth starts here—and now, together.


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