Top 10 B2B Lead Generation Ideas for 2022

June 24, 2022

A lead is more than a potential client; it is a client that is just a mere step away. The distance between a lead and a client can be covered only by grabbing their attention and providing value.

Do you find it challenging trying to add more leads to your pipeline? Well, you are not alone. According to research, almost 61% of companies believe generating traffic leads to a significant challenge.

Once you have found a lead, you simply have to follow a sales template to convert them. Only the first step of generating leads is the real struggle.

Although there is no proven formula to generate leads, here are a few strategies that can be implemented.

Dive in to know more about B2B Sales Lead Generation!

B2B Lead Generation Ideas

Strategic lead generation contains a combination of both old-school methods and newer digital methods. Following is a list of 10 ideas that can boost your sales.

1.     Run A/B Tests

Getting the perfect marketing outreach in the first attempt is not possible every time. It holds true for most companies. This is where A/B testing comes in.

A/B testing is an excellent way to experiment and measure traction. See which marketing materials increase traction from headlines to copy, colors, multiple formats, or even messaging on your website.

B2B contacts are always looking for great products but are humans with particular choices. So, even a basic button change can make a considerable impact, thus boosting the lead generation rate.

All you have to do is track the engagement rates and see what works.

Gather Buyer Reviews- remotereps247

2.     Gather Buyer Reviews

Regardless of your honesty and transparency as a marketer, buyers will choose to believe other buyers.

The goal of B2B lead generation is to find influential buyers. It is crucial to remember that these leads, too, read other buyer reviews.

Since reviews greatly influence lead engagement, as a marketer, you must ensure that you collect buyer reviews. Remember, no reviews are as harmful as bad reviews.

So, ensure you collect testimonials and reviews as part of your sales process and long-term clients.

3.     Case Studies

Case studies are an invaluable component of B2B marketing and lead generation. Earlier, case studies were in some far corner of the company’s websites. Now, they rank pretty well in the choice of content used for B2B sales.

Case studies can be used to convince buyers of the extraordinary opportunities for their journey. It works amazingly well because buyers believe hard facts. So, if you have such hard facts, use them to your advantage.

4.     Business Blog

Blog content can work wonders when it is Search Engine Optimized. Furthermore, it can engage your audience and aid decision-making.

Use your blogs to diversify your content, such as writing educational posts, how-to’s, listicles, and even buying guides. Offering such insights helps build interest in your brand.

5.     Use FOMO to Encourage Lead Conversion

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is one of the major driving forces for B2B sales generation services.

One trick is adding timers to discounts and offers on your marketing emails and website. Another trick is to offer limited-period offers on selected products.

6.     Use a Chatbot on the Website

Chatbots are widely popular now among B2B buyers since they are extremely helpful.

Most people are willing to buy from a company after getting their queries answered by the chatbot. Many companies have now incorporated a chatbot on their websites to drive sales.

7.     Host Webinars

An excellent way to increase your brand’s visibility is to host webinars. Besides, it also showcases your brand’s expertise in the domain.

The choice of topic must be such that it entices a more extensive set of people to attend it. Utilize this platform to network with attendees and convert them into customers.


8.     Host Live Videos

Like webinars, live videos are a great way to increase engagement. An added advantage of live videos is using them for a Q&A session or product demos.

Further, you can repurpose the live stream into shorter videos for your social media content.

9.     Use Infographics

Include infographics in your B2B lead generation solution. Visual content performs better than written content. Nobody likes scanning through endless paragraphs. However, converting that information into an infographic can hold your audience’s attention.

Information like survey results, steps to a process, or other educational information can be conveniently created in an infographic format. The audience can easily access and pass on such information.

10.  Offer Free Trial

If you want to gain your lead’s trust, offer them a free trial of your product.

You can offer them complete access for a limited period to show why paying for the higher version is justified. Otherwise, offer limited access to spark their curiosity about the upgraded version.

Wrapping Up

A solid B2B lead generation strategy is supremely critical to your business’ growth. Once successful, it is half the battle won!

Lead generation strategies are not one-size-fits-all. Companies like RemoteReps247 can help you with tailor-made strategies that would best help to generate relevant leads.

Explore all strategies to determine the best for you and examine what the customers respond to.